Professional Executive Coach,

Who am I?

I am an executive coach and facilitator to managers, directors and boards in transition: passionate about helping them progress by bringing clarity, structure and results to their thinking. Expertise in strategic, change management and organisational development with an in-depth experience of industry, businesses, and professions.

Qualified coach with a rich and varied career covering start-ups, privatisations and acquisitions with small, large and international organisations including Citibank, Orange, T-mobile, G4S Security, BNP Paribas Bank, Congo Embassy,  Henkel, Alamo waters Poland Ltd, Econex-Computer systems,  Meritum Bank, Pert Group, Premiumred Polska Ltd, Promar Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowe Ltd, Soprema Poland Ltd, Task Force Consulting Poland, T.i.S Poland Ltd, SK bank, Fomar S.A and many more.

How can I help you personally and professionally?
As your executive coach I can help you in:

• Achieving your leadership goals
• creating a custom and measurable ‘road-map’ to the identified goals
• Preparing and handling difficult conversations
• Easing your unmanageable issues or conflicts
• Setting a new direction or starting a new career path
• Discovering and practising new leadership skills
• Finding strengths to enhance work life balance
• Finding your place in a new organisation in a healthy way
• Many more

How can I help your Leadership teams/ Board of Directors? 

• Strategic alignment of key elements
• Understanding and identifying the dynamics behind resistance to change
• Building organisational health
• Foreseeing the impact of change programs before execution
• Releasing ‘stuckness’ in teams and in the organisation strategies
• Leading organisational change and transition with ease
• Mapping, analysing and cutting through complexity
• Improving crucial relationships, and dissolving conflict
• Fine-tuning strategic focus
• Balancing regional and global focus
• Facilitating culture change
• And many more

Corporate & Executive Coaching, Personal Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Confidence Building, Career Coaching and Team Coaching.

Things You should expect

Prepare yourself to talk; these sessions are all about you and what you need to be your best self. Expect to get executive assignment. It is an act of your commitment to the goals you set during your session. Expect to be challenged and supported. Expect to empowered, enlightened and inspired.

Expect yourself to be energized after your session. And no matter what you are going through, during your session just RELAX and SPEAK.

Expect to achieve your desired results.  You are here to get results therefore expect that.
A session is usually 90 to 120 mins. The no obligation first session is free of charge. Contact James for a free consultation session here

What we do

Executive Coaching - 90%
Personal Performance Life Coaching- 90%
Training and Development - 80%
Personal Branding - 70%
Confidence & Leadership - 60%

Our Clients

We have coordinated training for Executives in global firms including

Things You should not expect

Please do not expect me to mentor, or advise you on what to do, as you will be setting your own goals according to your capability and desire.

Don’t expect the sessions to be focused on fixing your past, or getting you back into a particular desired past. We will be focusing on you, your desired interest, your future, and your goals. More on what you should not expect can be provided to you on request. contact us here

Here are several ways to get started

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Quote of the week

Your desired results are still achievable, don't give up just yet

James Alabi - Professional Executive Coach