Corporate Coaching and Benefits

Corporate Coaching and Benefits

Our goal is to simplify the complexity of achieving set goals, meaning we close the gap between where you want to be and where you are now by helping you or your company to create specific, timed and measurable action plan based on your personal capabilities to achieve your set goals.

  • Superior Decision Making
  • Clearer Goals and a Proper Emphasis on Roles
  • Heightened Self Awareness
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Improve Efficiency and Productivity
  • Conflict Management
  • Help Deal Better with Stress and Strain in the Workplace

Corporate Coaching and Benefits

Corporate coaching is one of the ways in which an organization can help to move its team towards the organizational goals and aspirations of the company. A business is only as successful as its weakest link. By creating a positive and thoughtful coaching process, each team member will gain the useful tools and skills necessary to move the entire group closer to realizing the goals which are set.

James Alabi is specially trained not only in coaching methods but also in corporate culture and organization. Group dynamics, language, and processes are all taken into consideration when coaching is considered for your particular workplace regardless of its size. Focus on your corporate values, mission, strategy and values are all at the forefront in the development of your coaching plan. We aim to create realistic and achievable goals for your organization to work towards as a group from upper management staff to new entries.

The idea behind corporate coaching is that all team members need to be on the same track. While that sounds simple enough, each employee is an individual who brings different personalities, traits, strengths and weaknesses to the table. This is not a downfall but rather one of the things that can make your organization a success. Our coaches take these different personality types, educational backgrounds, and traits into consideration when they begin the process and are able to produce a coaching plan which will achieve the best results for everyone involved. The idea is not to create a bunch of clones but rather for all members of your group to work together with these strengths and weaknesses in mind.

Teamwork and team building are a fundamental part of any business. Every single member of your business is a part of this team regardless of the position they hold within the company. Director training is just as important as the training of floor staff or the mail clerk. All members essentially rely on the services the others provide whether they work with them directly or not on a regular basis. It is important that all members take part in any corporate coaching you may wish to begin in order to achieve the best results.

Coaching can be used for specific projects or as a long term part of you training and development policies. Issues crop up in group dynamics from time-to-time and a corporate coach can be used to turn these issues into workable solutions that make all team members feel valuable and heard. Coaching towards effective communication, sensitivity to others, creating a good group dynamic, and supporting each other with the organization’s goals in mind are often utilized.

Use of our coaching services will often have drastic effects in how a group functions, internal and external communication, employee attitudes, overall productivity, and the recruitment and retention of staff members.

We can help you define your company’s goals and aspirations for the future and help you to identify whether coaching is needed in order to redirect focus by all team members to meet those goals in the desired time. James Alabi Corporate and Executive Coaches can help you identify ways to motivate team members towards that goal and train your leaders in ways to keep this sense of drive at an optimal level.


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