Dealing with Past Pain

Dealing with Past Pain

We have all had our share of pains. Is it childhood discrimination in certain environment, or child abuse from parent or family members? Was it abandonment, or just being spoilt by parents or relations? Was it a tragic event at childhood or adulthood? Was it lost of sight, one’s beauty, a limb or a broken heart or loss of a close one to fatal accident, or to idiot-ism such as alcohol, drug and maybe even imprisonment?.

We have all gone through pain and we still have our pains. Pain is Pain and this isn’t about comparing pain to console ourselves but to stand firm, choosing to move past the pain, moving forward. Yes, It is easier said than done, but the truth remains the truth. Why? Because the true reality lies in the future. It isn’t about just having a future but about sustaining it and the only way to do that, is moving towards it. Sometimes you have to say it loud and clear till every particles, every neurons in your blood cells comes in alignment with it.

Say it Loud! “I will not be measured by my past and the pains I have. My pains and my past will not ruin the bright future I have the potentials to achieve. No matter the pain or whatever part of me I have lost, I will achieve my goals and live beyond its time to see its fruit. I will not give in to my fears but will live to achieve the fullness of my potential- So help me God”.


What pain or what aspect of your past do feel measured by?

What do you find so difficult to let go?

Who do you feel had the most influence over your past?

How can you let go to be free of its oppression? What actions could you take to set yourself free and to focus on your bright future?

What else could you do?

Would you like to have a chat about it with me?


James Alabi