Executive Coaching Proposal

Coaching Proposal

We help Leaders make more impact when they communicate, to become skilled at managing projects and people. We help them address people’s challenges, opportunities and difficulties. Most importantly, we help them to achieve Peak Performance in any or all areas necessary may, be it Managerial, Cultural, Political, Psychological, Spiritual, or Physical to enable Leading with ease. Coaching is the Only Practical solution that can get you the Clarity, Focus & the Productivity you need. We provide Executive Coaching, Corporate Coaching, Leadership coaching, and Team Coaching.

Coaching Objective:

The initial aims for an ongoing coaching package are based on goals that are determined in the first coaching session. In our Coaching Program, coach and client are committed to:

  •   Focus on achieving 6-9 month leadership goals
  •  Understand leadership strengths and communication sty
  • Create a custom and measurable action plan: a ‘roadmap’ to the identified goals
  •  Discover and practice new leadership skills
  • Rectify situational challenges that may emerge along the way


In the first 6 months of coaching, the focus is on achieving established goals, while stiffening censorious leadership and communication skills:

  •    Focus on goal achievement.
  •   Discover and practice new leadership skills



  •   Overcome personal barriers and situational challenges.

Many of our clients continue coaching after the initial six month program. Ongoing coaching sessions bring continuing development, as the client:

  • Takes on and achieve higher level professional goals
  • Continues to develop leadership strengths

 What Our Clients Say They Achieved

  •    Improved leadership skills, confidence and presence
  •   Achievement of ‘stretch’ goals, and business results
  •   Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results
  •   Greater voice and visibility
  •   Enhanced authority and credibility
  •    Exceptional recognition and reward for accomplishments
  •   Career advancement, including promotions, and higher level projects
  •   Enhanced organizational awareness and ease with navigating politics.
  •   Improved efficiency and productivity
  •   Superior decision making


The Coaching Plan

Step 1: Contracting


The Coach meets with Client or Client’s sponsor to review proposal and agree on purview, timing and expected outcomes, and to contract on coaching expectation and process.

Step 2: Assessment and Identifying Strength

The Coach carries out an assessment through interviews and comprehensive tools. The Coach collects information about the executive’s current and past leadership roles, career successes and challenges, educational pursuits, and the values that drive their professional life.


Timeframe – 1 month

  • 2 x 90-minute coaching sessions
  • The client and their coach review the questionnaire and appropriate assessments completed in advance.
  • The coach interviews at least five stakeholders.
  • Coach prepares for each meeting and also collate post-meeting notes and action steps.
  • Brief email and phone check-ins support where necessary.

Step 3: Strategies and Action plans

The Coach and client verbalize what is crucial and practicable towards their leadership goals.

Timeframe: 2-3 months

  •   2 x 90-minute coaching meetings
  •   Stakeholder feedback delivery and action plan
  •  Observation of client in a meeting (if suitable)
  •  Coach prepares for each meeting and also collates post-meeting notes
  •  Brief email and phone check-ins support where necessary

Step 4:  1:1 Coaching process, Accountability and Support

During each interactive discussion, we will review what the client have accomplished since the last meeting and what steps are next in their action plan. In addition to discussions, their coach provides them with relevant articles, exercises, and books.

Timeframe: Months 3-6, 3-9, or 3-12

  • 2 x 90-minute coaching meetings each month.
  • Coach prepares for each meeting and also collate post-meeting notes and action steps.
  • The Coach carries out informal check-ins with Stakeholders as appropriate regarding on-going development and assessment.
  • Executive sponsor (if suitable) to review development and action plan.
  • Coaching might include different techniques and tools such as role playing, strategy setting, business cases analyses, goal driven conversations, pre-presentation coaching, meeting agenda review, just-in-time conversation, etc.
  • Brief email and phone check-ins support where necessary.


About James Alabi 

James Alabi is a result driven, experienced Executive Coach. He has worldwide experience in coaching, working together with several international Organizations from private enterprises to public and non-profit organizations. James has more than 13 years’ experience in training and consulting, business to business sales, leadership and professional development roles. He has coordinated training for global firms including Citibank, Orange, T-Mobile, Congo Embassy in Poland, G4S, Henkel and many more. James’ key areas of expertise are Training & Development, Corporate & Executive Coaching, and Personal Branding. James also specializes in Personal Performance Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Confidence Building, Career Coaching and Team Coaching. James specializes in working with leaders to be successful in leading organizations and teams to achieve the highest results possible. He helps Leaders to make more impact when they communicate in today’s challenging transitional business environment.

Coaching Fees 

Successful coaching requires the right chemistry between your coach and you, and this is a crucial step towards your success which involves working together over months or years. Each client is considered as individual and their challenges and needs and their preferred way of working are just as individual. Our goal is to drive value into your organization – measured by increased profit that will exceed our fees – and to help you achieve the goals that you set. While we want to work with you over months or years, the length of our involvement is entirely up to you. We work with you for as long as you see profit from working with us. We don’t ask for long term contracts and no huge up-front payments. The coaching packages below is a guide and can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

Package Description Delivery Method Follow Up Support Cost per Month
Introductory assessment An initial conversation, in confidence and without obligation on either side. 90 Minute FREE
Coaching plan Fixed coaching sessions that follow an established coaching plan 2 x 90 minute sessions per month Phone calls and email support as required £900

+ Vat

Day rate One day of meeting(s) – duration will depend on travel time / distance Venue and method of your choosing Up to 2 hours of phone/email support £1800 + Vat
Ad hoc Individual coaching session up to 50 minutes £150/ session
Start-ups For small owner/manager type businesses within their first year of operation Monthly meeting lasting 50 minutes Reasonable phone and email support £100


Unless clearly stated, coaching services can be delivered face to face (travel costs will apply); by telephone or video conference.

  1. Fees are invoiced and payable monthly in advance. Payment by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal (credit card).
  2. Travel and out of pocket expenses are charged in addition at cost
  3. The Start-up rate is offered entirely at our discretion. It is aimed at benefiting very young businesses run by inexperienced entrepreneurs. Business (meeting locations) must be within the West Midlands area (so that travel time is reasonable).

Getting started:

This proposal comes with a free no obligation 90 minute Coaching Session, and once approval is received, we will commence the coaching process and establish the billing  If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to establishing a coaching partnership with you and bringing value to your Leadership Career!

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