From Macreavy Media

I had the pleasure of meeting James Alabi for three business coaching sessions. As a recent business start-up, these sessions were welcome and timely for me, as they gave me invaluable insights into many aspects of my business that I had previously taken for granted, under-valued or given scant regard.
James’s manner was highly professional, articulate and expert, yet warm and, crucially, honest. It was this candour that proved to be so refreshing and enlightening, and his insights quickly transformed the way I strategically planned, and perhaps more importantly, thought about my business. These revelations included a more holistic and client-centred honing of my business mission and my USPs. As a result, my business branding became more focused overnight. He was also instrumental in proposing solutions to my cash flow issues, and I immediately implemented new invoicing strategies that allowed me to pay myself and my sub-contractors promptly, in advance of work done. He proposed a highly professional contracting strategy that would allow me to better manage client expectations. Perhaps the most crucial over-arching benefits I’ve gained from our meetings are that I no longer feel like a mere ‘sole trader’; I now see my business more clearly as a concept, a brand, a unique proposition, in the context of my associates, competitors and markets, and this has had an immediate effect on the value that I and my clients place on my services, and profits have increased substantially as a result. I could not recommend James highly enough.