Who Am I

Who Am I



Hello, How are you? How are you doing is my first question to you. I am not asking you just to pass you by, so you could say ”al right mate” But I am asking you because I want to you to express yourself , your feeling, your frustations, your desires, your wants and dont wants.

Where are you in Life? where are you going? Do you know where you are going? Do you know where your actions are taking you to? Are you going round and round and it seems never ending? The same thing happening to you over and over again? “Why is this always happening to me?” “What’s my worth? Am I good enough ? Can I ever make it after all these trials? Will I ever make it ?” you ask.

While all these might feel overwhelming, the good thing is you are asking yourself the right questions which indicate you want more out of life more than just pay-check and a moment of happiness.

Your life has a purpose and a meaning, the interesting part is that as you live you begin to unfold its purpose and meaning. Take a moment to answer this thought-provoking, purpose-driven questions I hope they reflect clarity and focus on the NEW-YOU you are discovering.

  1. If your life was a journey, how would you describe the destination?
  2. What would matter most and why, the journey or the destination?
  3. If money wasn’t an issue, and you could have all the support you needed, how would you live your life? What would define you? What cause would you dedicate your life to? What would you be passionate about? Who are you?
  4. What are the problems you are facing at the moment? What actions could you take to solve them?
  5. Who do you think could hold you accountable to this goals?

I recommend taking a day or two to answer these questions, and if you need any help, write and lets have a chat.


James Alabi